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Part payments!

Here at Anglesey Holiday Lettings, we want to make things simple, such as giving you control of your payments. Once your deposit has been paid you have the option to pay as much or as little off your holiday as you choose, giving you more control over your finances and taking the pressure off saving to pay. So you can pay from £1, £20 or £50 a week or month till your balance is complete*.

*The full balance is required 30 days before arrival. Nominal amounts mentioned above are just suggestions.

Book directly with us and save money!
We are cheaper than other listing sites such as VRBO, TripAdvisor and Airbnb and you’ll be entitled to receive a returning customer discount of 5% off if you book again! For more information click here.

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“What a fabulous place to stay! 4 Y Bonc is a beautiful holiday home. It was spotlessly clean, very comfortable and had everything we needed for a wonderful holiday.”

4 Y Bonc 19.09.2023

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    property information

  • Dedicated
    property management

  • Safe & secure

  • Real
    local people

Here at Anglesey Holiday Lettings, we let and manage a range of lovely properties across the beautiful Island of Anglesey. For the last seven years, we have been growing and building relationships and ties across the Island and North Wales to offer you more on your holiday than any other booking provider. We pride ourselves on our unique love and knowledge of Anglesey as our team is 100% local so there is nothing we don’t know about the Island, from the best places to eat, hidden gems and other local information. We manage a wonderful range of properties in different destinations, so whether you’re looking for a dog-friendly cottage by the sea, a rural escape or Snowdonia views, we will have something to suit all requirements and budgets.