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Returning Customer Discount

Here at Anglesey Holiday Lettings, we like to reward customers who make repeat bookings directly with us. As our way of saying thank you every time you book another short, or long break with usyou will receive a 5% returning customer discount.

We receive a lot of emails and calls about the discount, how it’s applied and what details are needed. So, we’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions about the discount to help answer your queries and put your mind at ease.

  • How do I get my discount code?

The returning customer discount is applied once the booking has come into our system. Here we can see your previous bookings and apply the discount.

  • My partner booked our last holiday so why isn’t the discount applying to mine?

Per our booking terms and conditions, all repeat bookings should be made in the same name as your previous stay and ideally with the same email and contact details. However please note this doesn’t have to be the same card as we know bank cards change frequently.

  • I booked via another website (e.g. Airbnb, VRBO etc.) why have I not got a returning customer discount?

The returning customer discount is only applicable to those who have booked directly via our website as per our booking terms and conditions. If you wish to be eligible for the discount all future bookings should be made directly.

  • I have paid my deposit but didn’t see the discount when booking? How do I know this has been applied and processed?

Once we receive the booking request our system will pick up that you are a returning customer and we will apply the discount before we process the payment and booking.

  • Where can I find a copy of your booking terms and conditions?

You receive a copy when making a booking however they can be found on our website via this link here.

  • What other discounts do you have and offer?

We only offer one discount here at Anglesey Holiday Lettings.

Returning Customer Discount – this discount is applied when a returning customer makes a direct booking with us via our website as stated above. This is a fixed discount amount of 5%.

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