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New Horizons with Gaia Adventures

In 2019 at the end of March, we here at Anglesey Holiday Lettings we got to do something pretty incredible. We spent the day with Will and Sam co-founders of Gaia Adventures in Rhoscolyn learning and participating in a range of adrenaline-pumping activities.

Not only was this a nice treat and team-building activity (believe me, letting a co-worker lower you down a cliff builds a lot of trust!) but it was a fantastic opportunity to test and experience just a small slice of the activities Gaia has on offer.

Gaia Adventures is based in Llanberis in North Wales and Will and Sam have been running the business since 2012. They love getting people out in the elements for proper outdoor experiences with families and groups. They are very professional and also very calming and relaxed which is great for those who may be hiding some nerves or apprehension, to which there was a few of us!

Our adventure day started with an equipment check (all provided by Gaia) ensuring that not only do we have everything but it all fits correctly. Once we got to the cliff edge, we had a little scramble down but not before a quick safety chat. Once down and we had a back to basics climbing lesson where we tested our centre of gravity, what to do with our feet and the position of our body when we climb. This was great fun and put a few novice climbers at ease.

We then got down to business, helmets, harnesses and stickies on (climbing shoes) – we looked the part!

Will and Sam had three climbing courses set up for us each one getting progressively more challenging and steeper. There was no pressure to complete any of them and if we got partway up and wanted to come back down that was fine, being in such a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere was cathartic. We all got a chance to belay; where we support a climber by pulling their top rope tight as they climb and to give some slack in the rope to help lower them back down. Our mantra for the day was v, knee, 1, 2 3.

After a picnic on the cliff tops, we got to try our hands at abseiling and their famous portaledge which is what it sounds like, a ledge that hangs off the cliff. The portaledge was amazing, terrifying, exhilarating and unique. A small abseil down and your sat on a sturdy ledge with an unapparelled view, and the sea right below you. A few of us even felt comfortable to sit there for a while, legs dangling over and just looking out. Gaia has got a great business going, with a range of activities and adventures for those who are bold and brave and those who are timid but want a try.

All in all, we had a fantastic day, learnt new skills and pushed ourselves mentally and physically into new territories. “I had an absolutely amazing day, sitting on a portaledge on the edge of a cliff may be my new favourite thing! I genuinely can’t wait for my next Gaia Adventure already.” Heidi Laverty, Bookings Administrator.

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Gaia Adventures to offer our guests fantastic adventures on and around Anglesey with their next holiday. “We’re excited to be working with a local business like Gaia and offer our customers something unique to their holiday experience. Gaia have a great business and we’re looking forward to this partnership and others like it growing”. Jamie Miles, Director of Anglesey Holiday Lettings.

The adventures on offer range from adventure picnics for families to an afternoon on the edge, climbing and abseiling, for a full list of adventures available when booking your holiday with us please click here.

If you are a local business on and around Anglesey and wish to discuss possible business partnerships please email

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