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We would like to thank and owe credits to a few people and businesses who have contributed to the design and build of our website.

Web Build 
Tim Mitchell
Pier 9
The Werks, 1st Floor, 45 Church Road, HOVE, East Sussex, BN3 2BE.
T: 01273 855 995

Robin Hollington
Exchange House 33 Station Road Liphook GU30 7DW UK
T: 0845 165 0290

Property Photography
Pippa Hudson
Pippa Hudson Photography
T: 07563 906919

Landscape/Area Photography Credits

Mark McNeil Photography

Thomas McKay

Employee Photography Credits

Emma – AHL Employee
Heidi – AHL Employee

Explore Wales – For the Explorers

More credits and acknowledgement to the Wild Guide to Wales book. A few of the areas we have mentioned in the Explore section have been kindly borrowed from this fascinating book with the publisher’s permission.

The Wild Guide to Wales book is published by Wild Things Publishing. If you love getting your walking boots on and exploring then this is a book for you! It’s jam-packed with adventures, lost buildings, ancient monuments and holy wells guiding you over 1,000 secret places.

The book covers the entirety of Wales and Anglesey and is a firm favourite in our office. The publishers also have a collection of other wild books in other locations along with wild swimming, lost lanes, wild running and wild ruins.